6.0.0_r2 (MRA58N) to 6.0.0_r4 (MRA58U)

Changes for the Nexus 7 2013 LTE

This page includes changes made to the Android Open Source Project between two specific releases. It does not include any changes in any proprietary components included by Google or any hardware manufacturer. This page was generated by a re-implemented script based on scripts from Funky Android Ltd. In turn, those scripts were a modified version of this script written by JBQ.

Please do not copy or link to this content without attributing this site, Funky Android Ltd, and JBQ for the original script.

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platform/cts (18) [show][hide]

  • 24bb519 [diff] disabled protected broadcast
  • 98c786e [diff] added back adopthost test removed video encoding test.
  • 9e9f659 [diff] Save expected audio route for speaker tests, but disable for now
  • 5174e0d [diff] Revert "Separating phone and telecom specific protected broadcasts. Bug: 23192492"
  • 4240cd3 [diff] Separating phone and telecom specific protected broadcasts. Bug: 23192492
  • c29618d [diff] Separating phone and telecom specific protected broadcasts. Bug: 23192492
  • 028ae60 [diff] DO NOT MERGE CTS version is now 6.0_r1
  • fba49b6 [diff] Separating phone and telecom specific protected broadcasts. Bug: 23192492
  • dc3e28c [diff] bug: 21208382
  • 06ce63b [diff] BUG: 21262226,23979591,23040468,23144425
  • 374b849 [diff] Remove duplicate test in WiredHeadsetTest
  • aa892c1 [diff] Remove CpuFeaturesTest for tlsi
  • a3a95ef [diff] DO NOT MERGE Only persist metrics reports if test has not failed.
  • c5ac666 [diff] A couple of bug fixes in CTS tests: 1. Null pointer bug fixed in VoiceInteraction tests. This fix is for all devices that don't support the voice intents. 2. The fix in VoiceSettings is relevant for all android devices (even if they don't support voice intents).
  • 20ad801 [diff] Use default theme for test activities
  • d48d1e5 [diff] Add tests for large TextView, ScrollView, and WebView.
  • ec1db12 [diff] DO NOT MERGE: Disable two multi user tests for TV devices
  • 3aaa5e1 [diff] Add FocusChange Test Verify that the focused activity loses focus when the Assistant is shown.

device/lge/hammerhead-kernel (1) [show][hide]

platform/external/deqp (2) [show][hide]

  • d6b785b [diff] Remove large draw_indirect.compute_interop tests
  • 46eee00 [diff] Fix out-of-bounds buffer access in tese ShaderExecutor

platform/external/okhttp (1) [show][hide]

  • 875d773 [diff] Reduce the memory requirements of a test

platform/frameworks/opt/telephony (1) [show][hide]

  • 749dac4 [diff] Fix HD icon shown for MO VoLTE call when it shouldn't