6.0.0_r12 (MDA89E) to 6.0.0_r23 (MDB08I)

Changes for the Nexus 5X

This page includes changes made to the Android Open Source Project between two specific releases. It does not include any changes in any proprietary components included by Google or any hardware manufacturer. This page was generated by a re-implemented script based on scripts from Funky Android Ltd. In turn, those scripts were a modified version of this script written by JBQ.

Please do not copy or link to this content without attributing this site, Funky Android Ltd, and JBQ for the original script.

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Projects modified (37) [show][hide]

platform/build (29) [show][hide]

platform/art (1) [show][hide]

  • 39becb9 [diff] Revert "Fix another source of undeterministic inlining." DO NOT MERGE

platform/bionic (1) [show][hide]

  • 93a91f0 [diff] Force cts to only run one test at a time.

platform/cts (41) [show][hide]

  • c3770de [diff] Camera: improve Image allocation in camera CTS
  • c8fd1ce [diff] DO NOT MERGE: The new AudioPolicyBinder tests are not yet robust enough to be added to the test suite, hence adding them to knownfailures
  • f8b1dd7 [diff] Refactored "Audio Devices Notifications" and "Audio Routing Notifications" testing into separate Input & Output flavors.
  • bfc565e [diff] disabled protected broadcast
  • 82b8443 [diff] Fix android.print test to skip when feature is missing
  • 29353b2 [diff] Revert "Separating phone and telecom specific protected broadcasts. Bug: 23192492"
  • 39a8dcb [diff] Separating phone and telecom specific protected broadcasts. Bug: 23192492
  • 720504c [diff] Separating phone and telecom specific protected broadcasts. Bug: 23192492
  • 6bd17c9 [diff] DO NOT MERGE CTS version is now 6.0_r1
  • 7f70ff0 [diff] Separating phone and telecom specific protected broadcasts. Bug: 23192492
  • 88137b3 [diff] added back adopthost test removed video encoding test.
  • 3ece5ae [diff] Add whitelists for known address, port, and UID combinations Bug: 19461976
  • aff671f [diff] Save expected audio route for speaker tests, but disable for now
  • e689d92 [diff] bug: 21208382
  • 14287f7 [diff] [cts] fix build break
  • efbd421 [diff] BUG: 21262226,23979591,23040468,23144425
  • 2940786 [diff] Fix android.text.format.cts.DateUtilsTest#test_getRelativeTimeSpanString
  • 19c4025 [diff] cts: Check for video codec on some MediaRecorder Tests
  • 3568bf4 [diff] Add density requirements for watches
  • a7798c4 [diff] DO NOT MERGE: Revert "Revert "Fix for ByodFlowTestActivity""
  • 28f8920 [diff] CtsVerifier fixes for devices without headset port.
  • 38a7ec8 [diff] Revert "Fix for ByodFlowTestActivity"
  • 6b345c6 [diff] Revert "CTS test for libmedia OOB write anywhere"
  • b231fc8 [diff] RVCVXCheck temporarily disabled
  • 49daa61 [diff] Fix CtsVerifier Loopback audio test layout for small round screens
  • 4d4ac74 [diff] Fix CtsVerifier Audio Frequency Line test layout for small round screens
  • 588db20 [diff] FingerprintBoundKeysTest: secret key should be created before using it
  • 3c4b6e6 [diff] Improve the color comparison
  • 5614190 [diff] fixed breakage
  • 203f699 [diff] cts: get video size from CamcorderProfile -- DO NOT MERGE
  • 71fa8dd [diff] BUG: 23792027 adding android.hardware.cts.helpers.sensorverification.EventOrderingVerificationTest#testSameTimestamp to knownfailure
  • a2877c9 [diff] camera: skip RecordingTest#testRecordingFromPersistentSurface without encoders
  • 10c02fd [diff] DO NOT MERGE: Add MyanmarTest#testCompositionSemantics to known failure list
  • ba1c89f [diff] Cheesy fix for flaky notification tests.
  • 25360f8 [diff] BUG: 23954202 fixed minimum memory to be 1099
  • f6483e8 [diff] Add 5-second timeout to testFlacHeapOverflow
  • 45eca1e [diff] Remove corrupt test file
  • b890e69 [diff] Fix for ByodFlowTestActivity
  • 3b15a6a [diff] Modify criteria of CTS
  • fd659e9 [diff] fix bug in cts verifier testcase(BYOD Managed Provisioning—camera support cross profile image capture)
  • b80db2f [diff] fix for AutomationTest.testWindowAnimationFrameStats

platform/development (1) [show][hide]

  • 82336df [diff] Pass in current android.jar to api-generator

device/lge/bullhead (27) [show][hide]

  • 9a99f82 [diff] move location of sensortool
  • ab09674 [diff] Bullhead: move camera daemon to vendor partition
  • 87122f1 [diff] bullhead/sepolicy: allow tee to create persist_data_file dir
  • 6316532 [diff] Label /persist/data/app_g
  • e4ee7e4 [diff] bullhead: Remove SBM's other mcc/mnc overlay
  • 1c45cce [diff] Bluetooth: Disable LPM for ROME
  • d539191 [diff] bullhead/Sprint: Add a 300 ms delay for 3way call
  • 9dd179e [diff] netmgrd: allow netmgrd to acquire wakelock
  • afa3156 [diff] bullhead: Fixed SBM's voicemail number for other mcc/mnc
  • 490c783 [diff] Enable touch boost during camera.
  • 81b0c18 [diff] Modify screen-off behavior.
  • 6de4be2 [diff] Enable touch boost during camera.
  • bd824e4 [diff] Modify screen-off behavior.
  • ef33232 [diff] WLAN: MSM8992: enable checksum offload and receive packet steering
  • ecbc522 [diff] bullhead: Wi-Fi ini update
  • dd40a13 [diff] bullhead/apns: Remove dun type for Canada operators
  • 1eb2a5c [diff] Move qseecomd to vendor so AOSP runs
  • 356ead8 [diff] bullhead: Fixerd SBM's voicemail number
  • 2b38913 [diff] Move qseecomd to vendor so AOSP runs
  • a7fa3eb [diff] bullhead/apns: Remove Plala APN
  • d648c10 [diff] Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
  • a67bd6b [diff] Do not use useImsAlwaysForEmergencyCall for Jazztel (214/21)
  • 82b13f1 [diff] bullhead/apns: Fix Canada Rogers apn
  • 630adcb [diff] selinux: grant rx perms to toolbox_exec where needed
  • 30697ae [diff] bullhead/apns: modify mmsc info for open device
  • 865d1fe [diff] Reordering top row of apps to put GSA first
  • deae8e9 [diff] Fixing default layout per spec.

device/lge/bullhead-kernel (16) [show][hide]

device/huawei/angler (31) [show][hide]

  • da675c2 [diff] angler/sepolicy: Allow netmgrd to set net.r_rmnet* properties
  • 93adeb0 [diff] move location of sensortool
  • f41d83b [diff] Revert "Revert "netmgrd: allow netmgrd to acquire wakelock""
  • e160bc0 [diff] Revert "netmgrd: allow netmgrd to acquire wakelock"
  • 0a60534 [diff] Angler: move camera daemon to vendor partition
  • 41f908b [diff] sepolicy: allow tee to create persist_data_file dir
  • f27125b [diff] Adjust lowest level auto-brightness setting
  • 52f338f [diff] Fix gain for camcorder recording configuration for high SPL
  • 577b7f0 [diff] angler: add two apns for Italy Daily Telecom.
  • 1a0c1ba [diff] netmgrd: allow netmgrd to acquire wakelock
  • 02aea9c [diff] Enable touch boost during camera.
  • a684f30 [diff] Modify screen-off behavior.
  • ddc0f2c [diff] angler: The wrong IA apn was set to modem side in USCC network
  • 3584ffd [diff] angler:APN: Device set IMS apn to modem side
  • bd6db9d [diff] angler:voicemail: O2 have no voice number
  • 7bafe33 [diff] Enable touch boost during camera.
  • 7f67479 [diff] Modify screen-off behavior.
  • ab178dd [diff] angler: apns-full-conf: Change the protocol for KT(45008) in Korea.
  • 779cd8d [diff] Move qseecomd to vendor so AOSP runs
  • 359413f [diff] angler: apns-full-conf: Modify two apns according to requirement.
  • 6e9b374 [diff] angler: voicemail: SBM's voicemail number is wrong
  • 488fcdc [diff] Angler monitors rotation for speaker assignment swap
  • dcda89a [diff] Move qseecomd to vendor so AOSP runs
  • 4ffef03 [diff] Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
  • cb84f3c [diff] Correct TMO 530
  • 589734e [diff] angler/apns: modify mmsc info for open device
  • cf4c1c4 [diff] selinux: grant rx perms to toolbox_exec where needed
  • d95c17b [diff] Change TMO IA apn to v4v6
  • aa05b83 [diff] Update ims self:capability comment
  • 0532d44 [diff] Remove additional emergency numbers added for Korea.
  • c73256b [diff] Revert "Angler: APN: Fix data service can't use in TMO roaming network"

device/huawei/angler-kernel (12) [show][hide]

device/lge/hammerhead-kernel (2) [show][hide]

  • 88ba151 [diff] hammerhead: update prebuilt kernel
  • a88af89 [diff] hammerhead: update prebuilt kernel [DO NOT MERGE]

device/moto/shamu-kernel (2) [show][hide]

platform/docs/source.android.com (57) [show][hide]

  • 18ac4a4 [diff] CDD: Add BASE_OS and SECURITY_PATCH build parameters
  • 6a57666 [diff] CDD: Add android.hardware.type.automotive feature for Automotive
  • f8c9303 [diff] CDD: Requirement updates for the assistant
  • 0b2d3c2 [diff] CDD: Add adoptable storage section
  • 894a124 [diff] Standardize use of STRONGLY RECOMMENDED
  • 2764d6f [diff] CDD: Add devices must be able to decode all formats it can encode to Mulitmedia (formerly change 787297)
  • 64db04c [diff] Use STRONGLY RECOMMENDED for reporting supported audio features
  • 239d2c7 [diff] CDD: Clarify TV app requirements for devices with TV input Framework support.
  • e0c7946 [diff] CDD: Updates to changelog, TOC fix
  • f7ac2f2 [diff] Docs: Adding new cover image and current date
  • 83ceaf2 [diff] CDD: Add Data Deletion section
  • 66ef847 [diff] CDD: Add requirements for the new HiFi sensor feature
  • ee7e79a [diff] Fix mis-matched tags
  • b5ef8ac [diff] CDD: Add requirements for the Android Keystore System
  • 5ead64e [diff] CDD: Clarify SELinux CDD requirements.
  • d07f7af [diff] CDD: Require rotation vector when accel, gyro, magneto available
  • 9b2d31a [diff] CDD: Update requirements for new density buckets
  • 5b08df2 [diff] CDD: Add requirements related to the new fingerprint API
  • e3689d0 [diff] Docs: Changelog additions for M version merges as of 10-15-2015
  • d229e4b [diff] Docs: Fixing plural carriers ref
  • a951f23 [diff] Docs: Add summary of 6.0 changes
  • 80b22ba [diff] Docs: Fix for Build Params table
  • 63b2878 [diff] CDD: new section 3.9.2 "Managed Profile Support"
  • bbe0575 [diff] CDD: Section 5. Multimedia: 60fps on UHD, MPEG-2, and footnotes correction
  • 41641fb [diff] CDD: Require full-disk encryption to be on by default
  • 15ecb40 [diff] Docs: Intermim CDD TOC and changelog
  • 73c0077 [diff] Docs: Add 6.0 versions page
  • be0f08c [diff] CDD: Added Light status bar flag to 3.8.6 Themes
  • 5870ab8 [diff] Docs: Typo fix, remove slash Bug: 22639850
  • 20cdbb7 [diff] CDD: Near-ultrasound and mic resampling
  • 1ab546b [diff] Docs: Add article on Jack. Bug: 22639850
  • ad5c4c3 [diff] CDD: Req. when granting dangerous permission for pre-installed apps
  • 5ad5aba [diff] CDD: Require adb driver support for Windows 10
  • a13d876 [diff] CDD: Require 15-min rotation of BLE RPA
  • 8bebb3e [diff] Docs: Update CDD master doc with placeholders for SDK version num
  • d94638a [diff] CDD: USB mass storage class req for AOAP
  • 1def5ae [diff] CDD: Add level requirement for H.263 and MPEG-4 codecs
  • 6f6ac76 [diff] CDD: Reserve the vulkan library name
  • 816a242 [diff] Docs: Update terms to RECOMMENDED, etc.
  • aad2519 [diff] CDD: Require user consent UI before allowing USB access to storage
  • 0f33fa2 [diff] Docs: Adding new page for stylus, updating toc
  • 7797df8 [diff] Docs: Add Debugging ART garbage collection
  • bfadf22 [diff] Docs: Adding new file for power mgmt (doze, app standby, exemptions). Update to toc.
  • 3cf26b5 [diff] Docs: Nav fix, add 2 links, remove word "link"
  • ceaeee7 [diff] Docs: Adding page for visual voicemail configuration
  • 536a25d [diff] Docs: Add OEM and SoC vendor dependencies for resource manager
  • 20334fc [diff] Docs: Changes to Storage section for M
  • 34d4dcb [diff] CDD: Require the "wv" token in the webview user agent string
  • f611377 [diff] Docs: Add Fingerprint HAL page and navigation
  • f4fa6bc [diff] CDD: Make Verified Boot mandatory for devices w/ adquate AES performance
  • 755f4b2 [diff] CDD: Update USB audio host mode requirements for pro audio
  • 3d24bbe [diff] CDD: Rework section 3.9 Device Administration
  • e1c016c [diff] Docs: Add carrier config and UICC pages
  • daa1137 [diff] Docs: Addition of Keymaster 1.0 document Bug: 19317987
  • b72391e [diff] Docs: Addition of Gatekeeper page
  • 1578ece [diff] CDD: Add strongly encouraged to pro audio feature
  • 9332c42 [diff] CDD: Add Device Policy related requirement for Managed Software Updates

platform/external/drm_hwcomposer (6) [show][hide]

  • d21f528 [diff] drm_hwcomposer: support virtual displays
  • 566da2b [diff] drm_hwcomposer: fill hwc_display_contents retireFenceFd
  • 27ca02a [diff] drm_hwcomposer: Bump the acquire fence timeout to 83ms
  • 5735541 [diff] drm_hwcomposer: Process modesets via compositor
  • 7acc59b [diff] drm_hwcomposer: fix crash in hwc_set()
  • d106b91 [diff] drm_hwcomposer: Set timeouts for fence waits

platform/external/libdrm (5) [show][hide]

  • 93b1c64 [diff] drm: add nouveau_{ioctl,class}.h for nvif
  • 33ecedf [diff] drm: add DRM_NOUVEAU_NVIF and CLIENT,DEVICE,CHAN
  • efae5ab [diff] nouveau: add DRM_NOUVEAU_GEM_SET_ERROR_NOTIFIER
  • d5b6168 [diff] libdrm: Add DRM_IOCTL_TEGRA_(START|STOP)_KEEPON ioctls
  • 9c1cb9b [diff] libdrm: Add DRM_TEGRA_(G|S)ET_CLK_RATE ioctls

platform/external/okhttp (1) [show][hide]

  • e0d02d7 [diff] Reduce the memory requirements of a test

platform/frameworks/av (15) [show][hide]

  • 7ed8d1e [diff] ID3: check possible integer overflow for extendedHeaderSize and paddingSize.
  • 61be841 [diff] AudioTrack: Prevent stop() from reissuing last marker event
  • 5d10129 [diff] Check NAL size before use
  • e6d904f [diff] MPEG4Extractor: ensure buffer size is not less than 8 for LastCommentData.
  • b3694ff [diff] ID3: check possible integer overflow for extendedHeaderSize and paddingSize.
  • 257b3bc [diff] Don't crash when there's no conceal frame
  • 4802c0c [diff] AudioSystem: Fix race condition in accessing ioDescriptors
  • 8dde726 [diff] OMX: allow only secure codec to remotely call allocateBuffer.
  • 5cae16b [diff] MPEG4Extractor: ensure buffer size is not less than 8 for LastCommentData.
  • 4a8f4a3 [diff] Camera3Device: Change HFR request thread priority to 1
  • 3df11ce [diff] Camera3Device: Bookkeeping reprocess shutters separately
  • f99498e [diff] CameraService: Use SCHED_FIFO for request queue thread in HFR
  • 3737a3f [diff] DO NOT MERGE stagefright: fix AMessage::FromParcel
  • 2b8cd9c [diff] stagefright: fix AMessage::FromParcel
  • ddd346c [diff] stagefright: fix AMessage::FromParcel

platform/frameworks/base (20) [show][hide]

  • d890f4f [diff] MediaActionSound: Fix video stop sound
  • 3832a24 [diff] ZenModeHelper: fix cross deadlock with AudioService
  • 57caeb5 [diff] Ensure SurfaceView requests WM relayout when size changes.
  • a636be6 [diff] Camera: fix wrong FULL feature string
  • 0155856 [diff] Fix AudioService rotation helper thread
  • 4cad00b [diff] Add anydpi to the providing-resources docs
  • e0ced4d [diff] ZenModeHelper: fix cross deadlock with AudioService
  • faebbe8 [diff] Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
  • 24806db [diff] AudioService: alternative way of handling device rotation
  • 1f40764 [diff] Send POWER_HINT_INTERACTION on rotate.
  • d3f84d4 [diff] Add minimum time for double tap gesture
  • a6bf0eb [diff] Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
  • 2813b0f [diff] Camera2: Update video stabilization API doc.
  • cc2ae6b4 [diff] Relax auto-launch checks for GET_CONTENT.
  • 01db67d [diff] Ambient display now comes up immediately when a notification comes in
  • e3e6d56 [diff] Fix jank: Don't write lockout deadline if not needed
  • a57a540 [diff] Fix asymmetry in parceling/unparceling code for BatteryStats summary
  • d5f1015 [diff] Bump BatteryStats version
  • 307d424 [diff] Clean stale entries when deleting files.
  • 369b7ca [diff] Bug: 24112165 Update docs for protection level of CHANGE_NETWORK_STATE

platform/frameworks/native (1) [show][hide]

  • de18f6c [diff] InputResampling: Don't extrapolate for very low frame rates.

platform/frameworks/opt/net/wifi (4) [show][hide]

  • bbbafda [diff] Fix mismatched buffer size in supplicant and WifiNative
  • 70478da [diff] Persist and use country code reliably
  • 57b578f [diff] Phone rebooted when trying to select problematic WiFi network
  • 98e43e5 [diff] Don't reset country code on mobile signal loss

platform/frameworks/opt/telephony (4) [show][hide]

  • f77612a [diff] No notifications for disconnected unknown calls.
  • b290ce3 [diff] Make DcTracker RetryFailures.ONLY_ON_CHANGE work.
  • 67d43cf [diff] Add forground flag for retry intent to avoid long delayed cellular data setup.
  • 309bfd9 [diff] Fix HD icon shown for MO VoLTE call when it shouldn't

platform/hardware/qcom/audio (3) [show][hide]

  • 888dc3d [diff] hal: fix hotword detection failure during music playback
  • 8c83fe8 [diff] Add support for voice recognition on headset use case
  • 0464359 [diff] hal: Fix EC not working with some VoIP app

platform/hardware/qcom/camera (7) [show][hide]

  • 3fdd606 [diff] QCamera2/HAL3: Recover offline metabuffers on flush
  • 1bf1f3c [diff] Camera3: Send reprocess shutter notify and input buf after pproc
  • a7586e9 [diff] Camera3: Do not allow dropped metadata
  • ab2f8e4 [diff] Adding libgoog processing for raw images.
  • 73640de [diff] Camera3: Add support for dynamic EIS ON/OFF
  • a7c2b42 [diff] Camera3: Proper cleanup in putStreamBufs for YUV channel
  • 9b1814d [diff] Camera3: Unmap buffers after stop reprocess stream

platform/hardware/qcom/media (5) [show][hide]

  • 0a07b0c [diff] mm-video-v4l2: vdec: Enable VUI extradata only for h264
  • 115f87f [diff] mm-video-v4l2: Specify the colorspace of the YUV (diff)
  • 6ee2d71 [diff] mm-video: vdec: Inform native window of color space
  • f615ee7 [diff] mm-video: venc: Specify the colorspace of the YUV
  • 80f2af2 [diff] encoder: increase the input buffer count from 9 to 12

platform/hardware/qcom/msm8994 (2) [show][hide]

platform/hardware/qcom/msm8x74 (1) [show][hide]

platform/hardware/qcom/msm8x84 (1) [show][hide]

platform/packages/apps/InCallUI (2) [show][hide]

  • 7a2da71 [diff] Handle child number changes after the call starts.
  • 568a22f [diff] Fix potential mismatched caller information

platform/packages/apps/Settings (10) [show][hide]

platform/packages/services/Mms (1) [show][hide]

  • 7109ffa [diff] Catch exception for ConnectivityManager.unregisterNetworkCallback

platform/packages/services/Telecomm (4) [show][hide]

  • 8fd6d31 [diff] Add "public" missed call notification.
  • 650f1db [diff] Make InCall wakelock non-reference counted
  • c395e49 [diff] Read headset state from audio manager instead of calculating ourselves.
  • c8e528b [diff] Format missed number in missed call notification.

platform/prebuilts/gradle-plugin (1) [show][hide]

platform/prebuilts/maven_repo/android (1) [show][hide]

platform/prebuilts/tools (1) [show][hide]

platform/system/bt (3) [show][hide]

  • 6c25b3c [diff] Raise BTU and HCI thread priorities
  • 4cac544 [diff] Disable opening network debug ports for security reasons
  • 74dad51 [diff] Disable opening network debug ports for security reasons

platform/system/keymaster (1) [show][hide]

platform/system/media (1) [show][hide]

  • 2d95089 [diff] Camera: update video stabilization API doc.

platform/system/vold (1) [show][hide]

  • 82fd804 [diff] vold: Retry opening block device on failure when starting encryption