6.0.0_r1 (MRA58K) to 6.0.0_r2 (MRA58N)

Changes for the Nexus 5, 6 Global, 7 2013 (WiFi/LTE), 9 (WiFi/LTE), Player

This page includes changes made to the Android Open Source Project between two specific releases. It does not include any changes in any proprietary components included by Google or any hardware manufacturer. This page was generated by a re-implemented script based on scripts from Funky Android Ltd. In turn, those scripts were a modified version of this script written by JBQ.

Please do not copy or link to this content without attributing this site, Funky Android Ltd, and JBQ for the original script.

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  • b36beae [diff] Fix flaky AudioTrackTest#testPlayStreamData
  • b48041d [diff] Add code to start/stop recording to catch AudioRecord routing notifications.
  • f206b64 [diff] Improve fairness of Sensor Timestamp Jitter Test
  • bfd091a [diff] Increase deqp inactivity timeout to 10 mins
  • 33b9b31 [diff] cts/tests/tests/security: increase timeout in ClonedSecureRandomTest
  • 11d125a [diff] Fix NullPointException BatterySaverModeTest
  • f6b7933 [diff] CameraITS: make edge enhancement test more robust
  • e5768c8 [diff] CameraITS: tweak test_exposure
  • b387902 [diff] media: don't fail the test if encoder is still active.
  • c020845 [diff] CtsVerifier: Fix cross profile intent filters test.
  • 1497b45 [diff] MediaPlayerTest: temporarily disable timestamp checking for seek related operations.
  • 6a443b7 [diff] Set LOCAL_CXX_STL := none for cts-usb-accessory
  • 44d2e06 [diff] media: skip unknown types for testGetMaxSupportedInstances test.
  • 59da2e1 [diff] Bug fix SignificantMotion test activity.
  • 6774eb5 [diff] Make atrace test app debuggable
  • 7ccd1b2 [diff] JetPlayerTest: cleanup JetPlayer test
  • a47b405 [diff] Fix batch scan test bug.
  • c3fa69e [diff] Camera: reduce number of buffers allocated in PerformanceTest
  • 29793d7 [diff] Remove DeadObjectException from dumpservice failure condition.
  • 23d5c06 [diff] More robust MmsTest
  • 5623639 [diff] Fix string formatting in SensorParameterRangeTest.
  • abeecab [diff] Permit __NR_modify_ldt via Seccomp-BPF on x86.
  • fef8b2c [diff] Fix test packages.
  • 9f2c09d [diff] Don't check that requestRouteToHost works if we have no IPv4.
  • b03ebb2 [diff] Add light status bar CTS
  • 7ed3699 [diff] Increase timeout when mounting adopted storage.
  • af9c173 [diff] Add CTS Verifier for the app link API in TIF
  • 144391d [diff] Remove dependence on GSA voice_interaction_service from CTS tests.
  • bb01abb [diff] If there are no activities registered for voice intents, don't run the corresponding CTS tests. For example, Android television implementations don't process voice intents: battery_saver_mode.
  • b11c059 [diff] CameraITS: avoid using non-guaranteed RAW12 stream combination
  • 01f2172 [diff] CameraITS: avoid using non-guaranteed stream combination
  • 0e7627f [diff] CameraITS: only use analog gain for RAW gain test

platform/external/aac (1) [show][hide]

platform/external/tremolo (1) [show][hide]

  • 724d251 [diff] libvorbisidec: sanity check index of marker.

platform/frameworks/av (14) [show][hide]

  • 02103bb [diff] StagefrightMetadataRetriever: handle error returned from convertMetaDataToMessage().
  • 74814b7 [diff] DO NOT MERGE Avoid size_t overflow in base64 decoding once again
  • fe70d26 [diff] IAudioFlinger: fix the missing initialization of variable to ensure no info leak when writing them to Parcel.
  • 663bd4e [diff] Fix heap data leak vulnerability
  • 8f0b224 [diff] IAudioFlinger: always initialize variables to ensure no info leak when writing them to Parcel.
  • fd45c56 [diff] IAudioFlinger: clear config before reading it from parcel.
  • f2e5350 [diff] Protect data source access with mutex during disconnect
  • f605c78 [diff] Ogg: avoid size_t overflow in base64 decoding
  • d3e29ba [diff] Zero out return values in audio binder calls
  • 0ddd3f4 [diff] Zero out return values in media binder calls
  • 229338a [diff] Make IEffect command more robust (second try)
  • fbf25d6 [diff] libstagefright: sanity check size before dereferencing pointer in Utils.cpp
  • aec1b54 [diff] Fix timedtext parsing
  • 64ec616 [diff] Fix for security vulnerability in media server

platform/frameworks/native (1) [show][hide]

  • 846d747 [diff] Initialize local variables to avoid data leak

platform/hardware/qcom/audio (1) [show][hide]

  • 27a9bff [diff] DO NOT MERGE - volume_listener: fix release

platform/system/bt (1) [show][hide]

  • 9d62485 [diff] Disable opening network debug ports for security reasons

platform/system/core (1) [show][hide]

  • 6b667fd [diff] libutils: Fix integer overflows in VectorImpl.