5.1.1_r8 (LVY48C) to 5.1.1_r13 (LVY48E)

Changes for the Nexus 6 on Fi

This page includes changes made to the Android Open Source Project between two specific releases. It does not include any changes in any proprietary components included by Google or any hardware manufacturer. This page was generated by a re-implemented script based on scripts from Funky Android Ltd. In turn, those scripts were a modified version of this script written by JBQ.

Please do not copy or link to this content without attributing this site, Funky Android Ltd, and JBQ for the original script.

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Projects removed (0)

Projects added (0)

Projects modified (12) [show][hide]

platform/build (2) [show][hide]

device/lge/mako-kernel (1) [show][hide]

  • 40d8d82 [diff] mako: update prebuilt kernel [DO NOT MERGE]

device/samsung/manta (1) [show][hide]

  • b750141 [diff] manta: update prebuilt kernel (DO NOT MERGE)

platform/external/conscrypt (1) [show][hide]

  • cb573b2 [diff] OpenSSLX509Certificate: mark mContext as transient

platform/external/libpng (1) [show][hide]

  • 275a4f8 [diff] Restore a width check that was removed from png.c (CVE-2015-0973)

platform/external/sonivox (1) [show][hide]

platform/external/wpa_supplicant_8 (1) [show][hide]

  • f7a01d5 [diff] P2P: Validate SSID element length before copying it

platform/frameworks/av (14) [show][hide]

  • 1809c2f [diff] audio effects: fix heap overflow
  • 6cc7fe0 [diff] Prevent integer underflow if size is below 6
  • b242d24 [diff] Prevent reading past the end of the buffer in 3GPP
  • b9bd167 [diff] Prevent integer overflow when processing covr MPEG4 atoms
  • 93ba37d [diff] Fix integer overflow when handling MPEG4 tx3g atom
  • 6e7e30d [diff] Fix integer underflow in covr MPEG4 processing
  • b9f68d9 [diff] IOMX: Enable buffer ptr to buffer id translation for arm32
  • 409c1b9 [diff] IOMX: Add buffer range check to emptyBuffer
  • f7ccdd3 [diff] HDCP: buffer over flow check -- DO NOT MERGE
  • d0f6f43 [diff] Add AUtils::isInRange, and use it to detect malformed MPEG4 nal sizes
  • f45c9fc [diff] Add some sanity checks
  • 86ae2ee [diff] Fix integer underflow in ESDS processing
  • 8d88192 [diff] Fix integer overflow during MP4 atom processing
  • 894c7ba [diff] Fix several ineffective integer overflow checks

platform/frameworks/base (5) [show][hide]

  • a0e574d [diff] DO NOT MERGE Change to add STK_PERMISSION for stk related commands.
  • d42d72c [diff] Prevent system uid component from running in an app process
  • b481410 [diff] Lockdown AM.getRunningAppProcesses API with permission.REAL_GET_TASKS
  • b7a79bd [diff] DO NOT MERGE Don't take flags when creating app widget config activity.
  • 54602ec [diff] Make Bitmap_createFromParcel check the color count. DO NOT MERGE

platform/frameworks/opt/telephony (1) [show][hide]

  • e5cb1de [diff] DO NOT MERGE Change to add STK_PERMISSION for stk related commands.

platform/packages/apps/Stk (1) [show][hide]

  • ea855a3 [diff] DO NOT MERGE Change to add STK_PERMISSION for stk related commands.

platform/packages/services/Telephony (1) [show][hide]

  • 78ea785 [diff] DO NOT MERGE Change to make STK related intents protected.