5.1.1_r4 (LMY47Z) to 5.1.1_r5 (LYZ28E)

Changes for the Nexus 6 on T-Mobile

This page includes changes made to the Android Open Source Project between two specific releases. It does not include any changes in any proprietary components included by Google or any hardware manufacturer. This page was generated by a re-implemented script based on scripts from Funky Android Ltd. In turn, those scripts were a modified version of this script written by JBQ.

Please do not copy or link to this content without attributing this site, Funky Android Ltd, and JBQ for the original script.

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platform/build (75) [show][hide]

platform/art (1) [show][hide]

  • 227dfb0 [diff] Fix false alarm on thread suspend timeout

platform/bionic (2) [show][hide]

  • 023c327 [diff] DO NOT MERGE ANYWHERE - bionic: resolver: exclude a range of ports from random_bind in DNS
  • 3da136a [diff] Modify test to avoid race condition.

platform/bootable/recovery (3) [show][hide]

  • c94fa0b [diff] DO NOT MERGE Revert "Erase PST partition if its marked to be erased."
  • 18f371d [diff] updater: Check the return value from ApplyImagePatch / ApplyBSDiffPatch
  • 3e91f69 [diff] Bump up max_map_count value.

platform/cts (63) [show][hide]

  • f5fc7f7 [diff] check decode cap before runing mediastress playerTest
  • 809ce1f [diff] CameraITS: fix wrong fixed focus lens logic
  • 4c4a94d [diff] Fix bitmap filtration tests to be more stable
  • 70e9c11 [diff] CameraITS: fix wrong fixed focus lens logic
  • 29df814 [diff] Camera: adjust test_exposure pass threshold
  • 080e3f1 [diff] Skip AudioTrackTest#testPlayStaticData if no audio output found
  • 480e7a5 [diff] Camera: improve precision of frame drop logic
  • 4b7f7c0 [diff] Update low ram device test for new memory requirements
  • 921b0f3 [diff] Use smaller display size for secondary display test. (DO NOT MERGE)
  • c25c983 [diff] Add DENSITY_280 to the list of allowed densities.
  • 9fd4e24 [diff] TIF: added query test cases in TvProviderPerfTest.
  • fa71d40 [diff] DO NOT MERGE Add UiAutomationTest#testWindowContentFrameStats to knownfailures
  • d724a4b [diff] CTS test for SubscriptionManager
  • 5e94d94 [diff] DO NOT MERGE: Camera: move YUV burst framerate check from ITS to CTS
  • 8a94950 [diff] DO NOT MERGE: Camera: disable AE/AWB lock test on legacy devices
  • 2024fae [diff] DO NOT MERGE: camera2 CTS: Actually close Images in StillCaptureTest.
  • 411022f [diff] Disable BLE offloaded scan batching test
  • d615d64 [diff] Disable test to verifying BLE offloaded scan batching
  • efbda48 [diff] Skip tests that depend on system resources and assets..
  • 055ca5b [diff] ConsumerIrTest: add the right permission for some test case
  • 34c9182 [diff] Add Lollipop MR1.1 version code 5.1.1
  • af6ddd9 [diff] Disable Notification Package Prior item for the watch feature
  • cc9af6e [diff] Add cts test for testing launcher version.
  • fc60c4c [diff] CameraITS: improve ITS user experience
  • 3dd9f1e [diff] Fix testPageScroll by not using waitForIdleSync.
  • 93679cb [diff] CameraITS: fix fixed focus lens check
  • 07ac5f8 [diff] Camera: move YUV size check
  • ab72ce1 [diff] Hide BLE scanner test if BLE advertiser test is hidden.
  • 44f69fb [diff] Camera: add missing FULL level expectation
  • 566b949 [diff] Don’t run on devices with no audio output.
  • 9811ede [diff] Bump CTS versions to r0.95 to sping another release candidate
  • cf9f034 [diff] Camera: fix recording test for legacy mode
  • c8dd803 [diff] Camera: use time stamp diff to check frame duration
  • 2f7a2f9 [diff] Fix assumption that tests are centered on screen
  • 6f42063 [diff] CTS Verifier on TV does not display menu
  • 37e7086 [diff] DO NOT MERGE: camera: WAR for rounding width
  • c3a556b [diff] Don’t run the tests if the devices doesn’t have a sim card.
  • 6dc462e [diff] Don’t run the AppWidget tests if the devices doesn’t have the feature.
  • 0b80c79 [diff] CameraITS: update test_capture_result
  • 7fd0637 [diff] Fix possible race condition in Sensor CTS framework.
  • 8505f13 [diff] Fix method name for doNvmapIocFromIdTest
  • 140c299 [diff] CTS for Strequent projection
  • 3467361 [diff] fix incorrection assumption due to DST
  • 7c0c05c [diff] Replace getContext with getTargetContext.
  • 542c284 [diff] media: update vp9 360p test clip with tile columns and frame parallel mode turned on.
  • 7270fdb [diff] CTS should expect official lollipop mr1 release version
  • 590472d [diff] Enable hardware scan filter test on device which supports the feature.
  • fee78e2 [diff] Advertise 31 bytes in BLE advertise tests.
  • d5af3fa [diff] DO NOT MERGE - bump CTS version to CTS 5.1_r0.9
  • a3857a8 [diff] update EncoderVirtualDisplayTest to use very long i-frame interval.
  • ab98ada [diff] CameraITS: various ITS improvement
  • 446a369 [diff] Remove hardware scan filter test, and re-enable BLE advertise/scanner test.
  • c2b00d8 [diff] More cts-verifier tests for profile-aware Settings.
  • 1357a23 [diff] Add test for checking max users > 1 if managed users feature enabled
  • ba89396 [diff] Disable screen pinning test on watches and tvs. DO NOT MERGE
  • b33ec9d [diff] Add CtsVerifier test for Screen Pinning
  • 1ce5d79 [diff] Add CTS test to test Setup wizard Nfc config.
  • d96ac26 [diff] Disable screen pinning test on watches and tvs.
  • 69efaa1 [diff] Add android.hardware.cts.SensorTest#testBatchAndFlush to knownfailures
  • 080be6f [diff] Add caller-id cts test cases
  • 479d72c [diff] Differentiate device feature checking across Device Policy tests
  • b483257 [diff] Update Android CTS bandaid urls that use test_key1 to a new key
  • 9c18f7d [diff] Add test for CVE-2014-5532

platform/dalvik (8) [show][hide]

  • b3ee08c [diff] Bump dx version to 1.11
  • 635aecf [diff] Fix potential dex index overflow in dx
  • bd3b381 [diff] Support --num-threads with --multi-dex (take 2)
  • 90fcf35 [diff] Don't discard directory entries in jar files.
  • dff33a1 [diff] Do not keep the DexFile field in Main between runs
  • e345a35 [diff] Command line option for disabling warnings
  • 008da7d [diff] Descriptor references are direct references
  • 45e4d87 [diff] Allow to disable forced keep of annotated

platform/developers/build (12) [show][hide]

  • 4de32d4 [diff] Update sample prebuilts
  • ed7fc0f [diff] Update samples dependency versions for GMSCore P release
  • 47d9436 [diff] resolved conflicts for merge of 5c8cae0b to lmp-mr1-dev
  • c115419 [diff] Fix sample-create script
  • 525b558 [diff] Update androidtv prebuilts from GitHub
  • ababd38 [diff] Update prebuilts for Android samples
  • 3688161 [diff] Bump Build Tools version to 21.1.2 for compatibility with AS 1.1.
  • c544aef [diff] Fix broken comment
  • afa6342 [diff] New consolidated GitHub script and removal of old ones
  • deaaa10 [diff] Base template: Enable Wear dependencies when has_handheld_app=true
  • afcddda [diff] Wear template: Use explicit matching for has_handheld_app attr
  • 73bf080 [diff] Refactor basebuild / allow apps without Application module

platform/developers/samples/android (45) [show][hide]

  • ef0be24 [diff] NfcProvisioning: Add EXTRA_PROVISIONING_LOCAL_TIME
  • ad9ed1c [diff] New BLE Advertisements Sample
  • c200987 [diff] Updated minSdk version
  • 0a4e12c [diff] Fix <group> tag for NfcProvisioning sample
  • cbe529d [diff] Fix broken tests for P2PDirect sample
  • eb6c6fa [diff] Fixes build issues with sample content/documentsUi/StorageClient
  • 97b2cfe [diff] Update master build.gradle to include latest sample changes
  • 06bba8d [diff] Update BeamLargeFiles/build.gradle to fix null output dir
  • 1ffa1ec [diff] Fix the launcher_icon name to unbreak the build
  • 435f82f [diff] Updating metadata for Hdr Viewfinder sample
  • 20ae756 [diff] Android Flashlight sample: Update metadata.
  • 4139bf4 [diff] Handle invalid voice search
  • 9dc0347 [diff] XYZ Tourist Attraction wear sample - address bug bash feedback
  • e77f873 [diff] Port WifiDirect P2P sample to template system.
  • e96a75d [diff] Add metadata for ActionBarCompat-Styled sample.
  • 99e644e [diff] NfcProvisioning: Fix NPE on devices without NFC
  • b0201e8 [diff] NfcProvisioning: Add a new sample
  • 487c6fe [diff] Update MediaBrowserService with latest from uAmp
  • 801f699 [diff] DeviceOwner: Add a new sample
  • 72a5ab0 [diff] Add missing package name to BeamLargeFiles tests
  • ed5c50b [diff] Add connectivity/nfc/BeamLargeFiles to top-level build.gradle
  • efe4602 [diff] Add missing package name to CardEmulation tests
  • 49728ff [diff] Use UiThreadTest annotation
  • c3c76f5 [diff] Fixes the broken tests for AppUsageStatistics. Update the UI in the UI thread. https://b.corp.google.com/issues/19685630
  • 1c8d8da [diff] Fixes the broken Interpolater tests. Follow up on this CL https://googleplex-android-review.git.corp.google.com/#/c/650332/
  • dd37043 [diff] Fix feed update in SyncAdapter
  • 3a8fbd0 [diff] Wear notification-only samples: Remove :Wearable dependency
  • 6d4a36d [diff] Fixes test code that don't compile. - Removed the double license. - Removed non-existent classes such as ?????Fragment or ?????Activity which seemed to be created through the template but haven't been executed. - Changed the wrong index of the Fragment from 1 to 0. - Fixes the targetPackage name consistent with the application package.
  • a9d5d9d [diff] Updating samples that should not have the Application modules
  • 3df6a88 [diff] Update wearable samples to use new base-build template
  • 58fdb78 [diff] Updating the sample to use the Main thread for showing a Toast message
  • d1fc86a [diff] Fixes the AndroidManifest.xml in tests to remove duplicate elements for android:label. Fixes the targetPackage for Interpolater
  • aa79bf2 [diff] Remove double license for AndroidManifest.xml in tests
  • 19dc508 [diff] XYZ Tourist Attraction wear sample - minor bug fixes
  • 0fc6724 [diff] Update XYZ Tourist Attraction sample template params
  • 2f8e62a [diff] Update XYZ Tourist Attraction sample template params
  • 37a12f4 [diff] Initial commit for XYZ Tourist Attractions Wear sample.
  • cd87842 [diff] escape Aporstrophes in template-params.xml Fixes the build error (e.g. http://devrel-build.cbf.corp.google.com/job/android-samples-public-all/81/console)
  • a1f82aa [diff] Remove duplicate "xmlns" attr in admin samples
  • b3bf56e [diff] Refactor basebuild / allow apps without Application module
  • 90afa45 [diff] Updating metadata for TextSwitcher sample
  • 951a335 [diff] Updating metadata for the StorageClient sample
  • ac6deae [diff] Updating metadata for NetworkConnect sample
  • 071c619 [diff] Android RevealEffectBasic sample: Update metadata.
  • 84c91ec [diff] Android RecyclerView sample: Update metadata.

platform/development (13) [show][hide]

  • 13b1589 [diff] Update sample browseables
  • 951e728 [diff] Fix browseable category for NfcProvisioning sample
  • 77b5d39 [diff] Update sdk.atree and samples/browseable for lastest samples release
  • d9e9e60 [diff] Update build tools version to 22.0.2. DO NOT MERGE.
  • 4ea9bca [diff] Update build tools to 22.0.1. DO NOT MERGE.
  • 06f472a [diff] Update SDK Platform Pkg revision for API 22 to 2. [DO NOT MERGE]
  • aeb400d [diff] Reset support version to <API>.0.0
  • d927351 [diff] Update version of the build tools to be 22.0.0
  • 18c5fb7 [diff] Fix the build
  • 4c7a7e9 [diff] Bump revision number for all system images
  • 5e44138 [diff] Bump revision number for all the system images
  • 33bd8cb [diff] Bump revision number for system images
  • f8ac5e3 [diff] back port gles fix to api 17

device/asus/flo (2) [show][hide]

  • 2f4dba9 [diff] Camera3: Ensure postprocessor is stopped during teardown
  • df7652d [diff] Camera3: Override AE state for front camera during precapture trigger

device/asus/flo-kernel (5) [show][hide]

device/asus/fugu (2) [show][hide]

  • 03f64c6 [diff] fugu: change to INTEL_HWC_MOOREFIELD_HDMI [DO NOT MERGE]
  • 95c122a [diff] recovery: Add option to view recovery logs on Fugu

device/asus/fugu-kernel (1) [show][hide]

device/asus/grouper (1) [show][hide]

device/common (1) [show][hide]

  • fa589b6 [diff] Put privileged apps under system/priv-app/ directory

device/generic/goldfish (4) [show][hide]

  • c3b67d3 [diff] Fix sdcard mount flag for goldfish device DO NOT MERGE
  • 39bd285 [diff] Fix sdcard mount flag for goldfish device
  • aa028a3 [diff] back port gles fix to api 18
  • 52667f5 [diff] Port back gles bug fixes and rotation fix

device/htc/flounder (3) [show][hide]

device/htc/flounder-kernel (15) [show][hide]

  • 6fcc43e [diff] flounder: update prebuilt kernel (Bug 19423463) [DO NOT MERGE]
  • 8ef134a [diff] flounder: update prebuilt kernel (eMMC timeout debug) [DO NOT MERGE]
  • 260ca91 [diff] flounder: update kernel prebuilt
  • ce7b73b [diff] flounder: update prebuilt kernel [DO NOT MERGE]
  • 9436518 [diff] flounder: update prebuilt kernel
  • 288a91e [diff] flounder: update prebuilt kernel
  • 359ad30 [diff] flounder: update prebuilt kernel
  • 5a3e6d0 [diff] flounder: update prebuilt kernel [DO NOT MERGE]
  • 27c2990 [diff] flounder: update prebuilt kernel
  • fe33c70 [diff] flounder: Update kernel prebuilt
  • ab0e72b [diff] flounder: Update kernel prebuilt
  • 6c56063 [diff] flounder: update pre-built kernel
  • 04771f0 [diff] flounder: update pre-built kernel (sensor timestamp accuracy)
  • c2fa577 [diff] flounder: update pre-built kernel
  • 3889e4f [diff] flounder: update kernel prebuilt

device/lge/hammerhead (1) [show][hide]

  • f07bf6e [diff] mm-camera-interface: Retry in case of timeouts

device/lge/mako-kernel (2) [show][hide]

device/moto/shamu (87) [show][hide]

  • 82ed1fc [diff] change adspd to from late_start to main.
  • 60e64a9 [diff] change adspd to from late_start to main.
  • fcc932c [diff] Camera3: Ignore Pic Channel native PP mask for reprocess
  • 781d094 [diff] Camera3: Use ZSL size for Picture Channel override
  • 09d760a [diff] Camera: Add module init placeholder
  • af71c6c [diff] Manual f/w merge from mwd due to path change: go/pag/210358
  • 5f97396 [diff] Enable dm-verity on shamu
  • 72e2ca7 [diff] Camera3: Match input stream size to larget output size
  • 7fdfe20 [diff] Fix build: Remove LENS_POSITION, OPTICAL_AXIS_ANGLE
  • 0afba91 [diff] fstab.shamu: Mark cache and userdata as "formattable"
  • c5eaac4 [diff] Camera3: Add reprocess static metadata
  • e63988f [diff] Set low latency audio buffer size to 4 ms
  • 91d78cc [diff] Camera3: Add support for reprocess parameters
  • 79c401b [diff] Update QXDM configuration files
  • 887df08 [diff] Camera3: HAL 3.3 Reprocess: Opaque/YUV to JPEG
  • 2925fa6 [diff] Revert "camera3: Use JPEG size as ZSL stream size"
  • bbd073a [diff] Reduce fast track multiplier for Shamu
  • 29cc1d8 [diff] shamu: Fix BOARD_MKBOOTIMG_ARGS
  • 13ea3f1 [diff] Temporary disable WiFi Calling
  • b964305 [diff] Camera3: Add support for conflicting_devices and resource_cost
  • 2569591 [diff] camera: allow loading files with text relocations from /system
  • 3b58138 [diff] Drop BOARD_SEPOLICY_UNION.
  • dcf64bf [diff] QCamera2: Add flash device name info
  • 2d8ebd8 [diff] QCamera2: Add HAL support for flashlight
  • d3ff8da [diff] Fix trivial format argument error.
  • c214f76 [diff] Updated external storage configuration.
  • ddce1b5 [diff] Enable MIDI support
  • 8d7000f [diff] DO NOT MERGE: mm-camera-interface: Retry in case of timeouts
  • b207591 [diff] DO NOT MERGE: Camera3: Increase retry count when opening camera
  • d992ac1 [diff] shamu: bt: Move BT FW (BCM4356A2_001.003.015.0038.0059_ORC) from vendor/
  • 9382274 [diff] Remove unused metadata
  • fbede91 [diff] QCamera2: update for torch mode API
  • 6dc36b4 [diff] Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
  • e190ccb [diff] mm-camera-interface: Retry in case of timeouts
  • a12693c [diff] Camera3: Increase retry count when opening camera
  • 907fb3d [diff] init.shamu.rc: enable ims_rtp_daemon for VT bringup
  • 305ff7e [diff] Camera3: Implement dynamic buffer un-mapping
  • 60fbade [diff] reverting do not merge changes
  • c3f932a [diff] Adding vendor specific overlays
  • 26bf7ca [diff] fix build
  • bf809bb [diff] Remove unused selinux policies.
  • b6fbad9 [diff] Remove the Ethernet configuration on shamu
  • ab80c82 [diff] Remove the Ethernet configuration on shamu
  • fa4618e [diff] QCamera: HAL2: Remove deprecated enum for RAW_SENSOR
  • 0032161 [diff] Add "m_shamu" to the lunch menu [DO NOT MERGE]
  • 076612a [diff] DO NOT MERGE Add sl4a as a standard build component
  • 6538ea6 [diff] shamu: label boot block device
  • ef20c56 [diff] Make /dev/ttyHSL0 a console_device
  • d838dec [diff] Add m_shamu build target [DO NOT MERGE]
  • 18e6008 [diff] Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
  • 67822a9 [diff] Don't look in /data/local/tmp
  • dd16eef [diff] Adding policy for IMS and WPA for VoWIFI
  • 49ad5b5 [diff] Enable imsdatadaemon/imsqmidaemon for Wifi calling need it.
  • fa0f61e [diff] Add sepolicy rules for cne and netmgr daemons
  • 2214fb9 [diff] WFC configuration: enable for Shamu.
  • 990172e [diff] Config change to not show swap button after merging calls into Cdma conference.
  • 5554b12 [diff] Allow adspd sysfs_mmi_touch:file r_file_perms
  • e567e14 [diff] Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
  • 6a84d92 [diff] New SELinux domain for init.mmi.touch.sh
  • b148b1a [diff] label /persist block device and allow fsck access
  • 5181b7b [diff] dontaudit sensors self:capability net_raw
  • d7b910c [diff] sensors.te: add capability selinux rules for QMI Service
  • 3671f7f [diff] Allow init to rm /dev/diag
  • acc98da [diff] init.shamu.usb.rc: Add support for USB MIDI function
  • bb49416 [diff] move /data/tombstone creation to system/core
  • 0faef9d [diff] Add missing includes.
  • fb7d5e6 [diff] Add missing includes.
  • 9ababa2 [diff] Add missing <string.h> include.
  • e3caaae [diff] netmgrd: give explicit read access to /proc/net
  • 207cde5 [diff] QCamera2: update for torch mode API
  • 73eca2b [diff] Remove obsolete dalvik.gc.type-precise
  • ad19e15 [diff] Remove obsolete dalvik.gc.type-precise
  • d08bb68 [diff] Add shamu-specific service_manager access.
  • 37e37ef [diff] Cleanup Obsolete LOCAL_PRELINK_MODULE.
  • 478b544 [diff] Add shamu-specific service_manager access.
  • 058a837 [diff] Add SELinux Policy for RILD to access FSG partition
  • ee16f0e [diff] shamu: Allow rild to parse through procfs
  • e790837 [diff] Assign specific types to block devices.
  • 5eeac3d [diff] Camera: Remove Remove unused variables & functions
  • f299008 [diff] Suppress Clang compiler warnings.
  • 8ebf4fb [diff] Remove moto/shamu no-op.
  • a3e1fda [diff] Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
  • b51487a [diff] Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
  • b73c7dd [diff] Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
  • 19fb654 [diff] use BlockDifference to do the patching for shamu radio image
  • ce1610c [diff] Revert "Enable qrngd to add entropy from rng hardware to /dev/random"
  • f2030ea [diff] Enable WITH_DEXPREOPT on devices where it is possible

device/moto/shamu-kernel (5) [show][hide]

  • 71b9535 [diff] shamu: update prebuilt kernel [DO NOT MERGE]
  • ed4a79e [diff] Revert "shamu: update prebuilt kernel [DO NOT MERGE]"
  • b803a5c [diff] Revert "shamu: update prebuilt kernel [DO NOT MERGE]"
  • e9115c3 [diff] shamu: update prebuilt kernel [DO NOT MERGE]
  • 4957e2c [diff] shamu: update prebuilt kernel [DO NOT MERGE]

device/sample (3) [show][hide]

  • 8a72d4f [diff] DO NOT MERGE ANYWHERE Adding profile_id to dun APNs for CDMA carriers.
  • 9803ae9 [diff] Update TMO MMS APN
  • b600888 [diff] Fix launcher widget alignemnt

device/samsung/manta (3) [show][hide]

platform/docs/source.android.com (10) [show][hide]

  • f1b1d2e [diff] Docs: Adding css for cdd, updating cdd html to match new css No content changes, only struture and tags Links fixed, new files for footer, cover, and pdfs Adding readme.txt for html to pdf procedure
  • df9fb7c [diff] Docs: adding CHANGE#22 for Android automotive changes to cdd Initial cap for Automotive, streamlined intro sentence.
  • 6160724 [diff] Docs: adding CHANGE#1 for Android automotive changes to cdd Update: removing feature reference, adding link to UI TYPE CAR, adding link to Resources Updated to "implementation refers" and 80 char column length Cleaned up text so it really says implementation refers Initial case for Automotive.
  • 43b1cc7 [diff] Docs: adding CHANGE#16 for Android automotive changes to cdd
  • aa55a67 [diff] Update CDD to allow for 280ppi density
  • d1ac9fe [diff] Update referrals to Android 5.0 with Android 5.1
  • bca2749 [diff] Create files for Android 5.1 CDD from 5.0 CDD
  • e9744c1 [diff] Docs: Converting header and file extension to match actual contents
  • 6fc5b8e [diff] Docs: Adding missing half of table of contents
  • 0e4e408 [diff] Docs: Adding reverse-engineered XHTML variant of CDDs from Docs

platform/external/apache-harmony (1) [show][hide]

platform/external/bluetooth/bluedroid (2) [show][hide]

  • 17ec140 [diff] Ignore service UUID length if no UUID filter is specified
  • c78665f [diff] Increase SDP buffer from 750 bytes to 4096 bytes

platform/external/deqp (12) [show][hide]

  • e087b93 [diff] Remove tessellation.user_defined_io.per_patch cases from MR1 must pass.
  • 9252e81 [diff] Remove tessellation.user_defined_io.per_patch cases from must pass.
  • cb37437 [diff] Remove fragment_out tests with too strict thresholds from mustpass
  • f9ccead [diff] Remove invalid atomic image compare swap tests from mustpass.
  • fded626 [diff] Remove invalid atomic image compare swap tests from mustpass.
  • ca037a0 [diff] DO NOT MERGE: Remove io_blocks.match_different_member_interpolation test from mustpass.
  • fcc8d1a [diff] DO NOT MERGE: Remove io_blocks.match_different_member_interpolation test from MR1 mustpass.
  • a83f8e5 [diff] DO NOT MERGE: Apply fix for tessellation fractional even test verification.
  • e5fc2a8 [diff] Relax fma() verification in builtin_functions.common.fma
  • 310f18e [diff] Remove broken line interpolation tests from MR1 must pass.
  • 05c555b [diff] Remove broken line interpolation tests from must pass.
  • 2cd1e17 [diff] Relax mediump interpolation accuracy requirements and clarify thresholds

platform/external/dhcpcd (2) [show][hide]

platform/external/doclava (4) [show][hide]

  • 26333ca [diff] add hdf variables for ndk tab docs
  • fb76810 [diff] Added NDK docs-build rule to Doclava.
  • 74512be [diff] Fix a NPE in the type parameter checking in stubs
  • 22ddcbd [diff] Add error for when method return/parameter type has type parameter that is hidden

platform/external/flac (1) [show][hide]

platform/external/iptables (1) [show][hide]

  • 84e5e86 [diff] extensions: libxt_TEE: Trim kernel struct to allow deletion

platform/external/iputils (1) [show][hide]

platform/external/libpng (6) [show][hide]

  • 1a173d9 [diff] Backport of fix for CVE-2015-0973 to libpng 1.2.
  • 481d525 [diff] Revert "Fix buffer overwrite in png_build_index" DO NOT MERGE
  • bea4e6d [diff] Restore a width check that was removed from png.c (CVE-2015-0973)
  • 6b38063 [diff] Fix buffer overwrite in png_build_index
  • 41cf547 [diff] Incrementally increase the index size based on when the data structures are allocated.
  • 30cb953 [diff] Fix buffer overflow security vulnerability (CVE-2014-9495)

platform/external/libselinux (1) [show][hide]

  • ed841ac [diff] DO NOT MERGE: handle newlines in file names

platform/external/wpa_supplicant_8 (1) [show][hide]

  • fdb708a [diff] P2P: Validate SSID element length before copying it

platform/frameworks/av (7) [show][hide]

  • 0e4e5a8 [diff] Fix integer underflow in ESDS processing
  • 5c134e6 [diff] Fix integer overflow during MP4 atom processing
  • 030d8d0 [diff] Fix several ineffective integer overflow checks
  • 68fca63 [diff] mediaplayer: ensure secure decoders are instantiated before starting source
  • 4243143 [diff] DO NOT MERGE - audio policy: fix DeviceVector::getDevicesFromType()
  • 2fdd16b [diff] DO NOT MERGE - audio policy service: fix possible memory overflow
  • faefd08 [diff] Revert "DO NOT MERGE: stagefright: add support for Intel's YUV420SP format in SoftwareRenderer"

platform/frameworks/base (198) [show][hide]

  • 422f4ed [diff] Mark persistent apps as such when the ProcessRecord is created
  • c954f16 [diff] Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
  • cfdcf7d [diff] docs: Added What's New section for GMS v7.3 (Parmesan).
  • 33ac358 [diff] docs: Add Wear Capability training
  • 900831f [diff] docs: Added 3rd-party Javadocs for Android Support Testing Library v0.2. bug: 20304402
  • 33fca8e [diff] docs: Added 3rd-party Javadocs for GMS Parmesan release.
  • 68e6b50 [diff] DO NOT MERGE Don't take flags when creating app widget config activity.
  • 1792ec1 [diff] Doc change: distribute landing page.
  • b5890f9 [diff] docs: Add Channel API summary for Wear.
  • 19a7b54 [diff] doc: Add Korean version of DAC/distribute/ page.
  • 4a6ca67 [diff] Make Bitmap_createFromParcel check the color count. DO NOT MERGE
  • 54862fe [diff] Update golden image for tests.
  • 37dbb8b [diff] Update to using LayoutlibCallback.
  • 49ce36e [diff] Remove implementation of deprecated method.
  • 9ca9774 [diff] Add @empty support.
  • f9f81b4 [diff] docs: hierarchyviewer updates
  • edc625f [diff] Add StatusHints to Conference object.
  • caa15d4 [diff] docs: studio remove gradle tasks dialog
  • 69b8e96 [diff] Make Bitmap_createFromParcel check the color count. DO NOT MERGE
  • 49ca2de [diff] docs: Add Cross-References to Material Design Spec
  • f802cc0 [diff] Doc change: add new pages for Designed for Families.
  • 0178321 [diff] initial batch of NDK files for skeleton site build
  • 2c957d4 [diff] Update "Investigating your RAM usage" for ART
  • d92c6bd [diff] Update "Investigating your RAM usage" for ART
  • d5526d1 [diff] Prevent merging conference calls hosted on peer device.
  • 3aba19a [diff] Docs: Correcting section on how to escape quotes in strings.
  • 0e3547b [diff] cherrypick from lmp-mr1-dev. Fixed broken link in UiAutomation.setRunAsMonkey() method description. bug: 19711873. Original Change-Id: I4ebb50e03e6e979486ebd3a7c15f21358734574e
  • a9f6a9b [diff] Fixed broken link in UiAutomation.setRunAsMonkey() method description. bug: 19711873
  • 4480bdad [diff] Fixing date.
  • a0c887c [diff] docs: Fixed typo in Implementing In-app Billing guide. bug: 19961296
  • 1adf495 [diff] New build rule reflecting different masthead, side nav for NDK minisite.
  • 3186438 [diff] docs: Removed instruction to add gms version in manifest during Google Play services setup, since Android Studio automatically handles this. bug: 20077293
  • 95c3977 [diff] docs: Small fix for Android Dashboard
  • b1a6bd0 [diff] docs: April 2015 Android Dashboard update
  • 54dee34 [diff] docs: Fixed broken urls in the UI testing training main page and revised intro to the 'Testing UI for a Single App' class.
  • 70e12aa [diff] [DO NOT MERGE] Fixed NPE when trying to animate a window without display
  • 776cf41 [diff] Fix a broken link in javadoc
  • 7639e73 [diff] docs: Added training docs for UI testing frameworks (Espresso, UI Automator).
  • ab8c34f [diff] docs: Building Live TV Apps
  • 6b91ebf [diff] Prevent merging conference calls hosted on peer device.
  • fcf7db9 [diff] docs: Add voice intent for starting a stopwatch
  • 66cd54a [diff] docs: Remove misleading information about hardware layer performance benefits for optimizing views.
  • d0609d1 [diff] docs: Fixed formatting in android:documentLaunchMode syntax section
  • b2255d4 [diff] docs: Fixed a typo.
  • 19f75fd [diff] docs: systrace update
  • 37661db [diff] AccessibilityNodeInfo refresh returns a stale state. - DO NOT MERGE
  • e42aa1c [diff] docs: Update ambient mode to mention disabling bitmap filtering
  • 7eecdd5 [diff] docs: Remove note about inablity to submit apps to Google Play.
  • 3169750 [diff] WiFi Calling: Show different operator name string in Data usage dialog.
  • dbe0dd1 [diff] When scanning unbundled apps, only install the expected APK tree
  • cdd3eea [diff] docs: nexus usb driver update
  • ec8df9a [diff] Fix tests for Java 6.
  • ce8a9f5 [diff] Fixing to fail android.JobScheduler.TimingConstraintsTest#testSchedulePeriodic in TV test.
  • b019703 [diff] Increase timeout when uncrypting OTA
  • bd3deee [diff] CEC: Explicitly turn on screen for remote control passthrough
  • ee763b3 [diff] Stop output of call number to logs
  • faf7ce0 [diff] IMS: UT ServiceClass
  • a23995c [diff] Fix NPE if FPE service does not exist.
  • 00c2adf [diff] Better shadows.
  • 7c83429 [diff] Fix RoundRect radius.
  • 05591bd [diff] Changing wording to reflect c2dm shutdown.
  • 35eecf1 [diff] Wi-Fi Calling: Update strings
  • f769caa [diff] docs: Supported media protocols, codecs, formats for Android TV
  • 58ca246 [diff] Use right colors for status bar and nav bar.
  • 38d3feb [diff] Disable more hotkeys while in setup.
  • e479c6b [diff] docs: build tools 22.0.1 revision updates
  • 8e5e960 [diff] docs: Update to doc on listening for restrictions-changed intent
  • f062b94 [diff] docs: proguard help update
  • c8f952c [diff] Write correct checksum when formatting partition
  • b8eea90 [diff] RESUBMIT: "Doc change: add docs for SafetyNet API.""
  • 61bfeaf [diff] RESUBMIT: "docs: Updated 'What's New' in Google Play services doc to reflect changes in GMS v7.0 (Orla). This content is scheduled to be published with the Orla SDK release.""
  • 7786917 [diff] RESUBMIT: "docs: Added 3rd party Javadocs for Google Play services v7.0 (Orla). Generated from ub-gcore-orla-release build #1784785.""
  • 66d14b5 [diff] docs: updated Auto training landing page
  • 1fac8d4 [diff] Revert "Doc change: add docs for SafetyNet API."
  • 2a86710 [diff] Revert "docs: Updated 'What's New' in Google Play services doc to reflect changes in GMS v7.0 (Orla). This content is scheduled to be published with the Orla SDK release."
  • c0e9ac4 [diff] Revert "docs: Added 3rd party Javadocs for Google Play services v7.0 (Orla). Generated from ub-gcore-orla-release build #1784785."
  • 4f3b852 [diff] Update JRE for runConfigurations.
  • 6092c04 [diff] Fix project settings. [DO NOT MERGE]
  • f1598d1 [diff] Changes for a quick, pre-migration bug sprint:
  • 11e8057 [diff] Doc change: add docs for SafetyNet API.
  • b2a6185 [diff] docs: Updated 'What's New' in Google Play services doc to reflect changes in GMS v7.0 (Orla). This content is scheduled to be published with the Orla SDK release.
  • 43100d3 [diff] docs: Removed sentence fragments.
  • ddc4415 [diff] docs: downloads for sdk 24.1.2
  • 84e550f [diff] Fix layoutlib tests.
  • 89f41eb [diff] Define the capability to speed up MT call audio
  • 06433bd [diff] Avoid crashing on corrupted notifications.
  • 180b835 [diff] docs: Added 3rd party Javadocs for Google Play services v7.0 (Orla). Generated from ub-gcore-orla-release build #1784785.
  • 8662c04 [diff] docs: Add distribution guidelines and update quality checklist for Android Auto.
  • ada8590 [diff] Fix AppCompat action bar theming.
  • 50c7c5a [diff] docs: remove adb install option
  • 561d104 [diff] Prevent activities from being started during setup wizard.
  • 2e4d932 [diff] Fix NoActionBar themes rendering.
  • 5914caf [diff] export API to disable autojoin scan initial implementation
  • a83fd76 [diff] docs: Fixed typo (spurious quotation mark).
  • a8b5b25 [diff] docs: Fixed broken image link, and broke long lines in code samples
  • e4fac93 [diff] Add format string for displaying SPN in Wi-Fi calling mode.
  • 534b83d [diff] cherrypick from lmp-docs docs: Update auto landing and design page image assets Original Change-Id: I0382eaa82ee51ce4fce8287c36e8702c13ea8819
  • db56b5a [diff] Move Noto Sans Tai Le to the end of the font fallback list.
  • 42eadcd [diff] Adding hidden isWifiCallingEnabled() and isVolteEnabled()
  • 0412b31 [diff] Tools attribute improvements for RecyclerView LayoutManager.
  • 5521f65 [diff] Fix cyclic dependency in BlendComposite and BlendingMode.
  • 5fe4495 [diff] docs: remove studio proguard settings from play services
  • 489218c [diff] docs: Added overview page and Javadocs for the Android Testing Support Library.
  • 85d72c4 [diff] Fix rare NPE in BridgeContext.
  • 36b8a59 [diff] Revert "docs: Update auto landing and design page image assets"
  • 7b2cae5 [diff] Fix project settings.
  • d345f44 [diff] Add RecyclerView support.
  • 60a907e [diff] Correct docs to specify leading slash in paths.
  • 05298d0 [diff] docs: eclipse revisions update
  • 36d96e0 [diff] Add strings for IMS Registration error notifications.
  • f4e73a9 [diff] Update vmSafeMode documentation
  • 7859590 [diff] docs: Update auto landing and design page image assets
  • 0a3f9c7 [diff] docs: Revisions to "Providing Messaging for Auto"
  • 24387bf [diff] docs: build tools revision 22.0.0:
  • 796d60b [diff] Update documentation of IImsConfig interface.
  • d532233 [diff] docs: android plugin for gradle release 1.1.3 release notes
  • b54d218 [diff] IMS: Support for IMS Registration error codes
  • 0248e9a [diff] add Places API to the Location feature page
  • a0e3eb7 [diff] Reworking geofencing training to new API and sample.
  • 5afdc97 [diff] Fix USB typos
  • 08134e6 [diff] Re-fixing link, and removing trailing white space.
  • 4aba69a [diff] docs: sdk tools date fix
  • c974ac1 [diff] MediaProjectionPermissionActivity: Fix NPE.
  • e163a64 [diff] Avoid crashing on startup when policy forbids lockscreen camera.
  • 83026cf [diff] docs: Add new partners to Wear index page
  • 00eefca [diff] Fixing broken link per b/19503824.
  • a81ed3c [diff] docs: support library updates for sdk 22
  • e0ce0f2 [diff] docs: platform revisions 5.1
  • 27f5337 [diff] Minor typo fixes in managed profile Javadoc reference pages.
  • 2c25106 [diff] docs: Add Android 5.1 to the uses-sdk manifest docs
  • 3d44c0f [diff] docs: update Android docs build to include API 22, Android 5.1
  • 50d0953 [diff] docs: Android 5.1 API Release notes (Lollipop MR1)
  • f46471e [diff] docs: Remove deprecated Fitness information from this doc. Guides have been moved to developers.google.com/fit
  • 97a1173 [diff] docs: March 2015 Dashboard update
  • b9157af [diff] docs: sdk tools 24.1 update
  • 5fcfe20 [diff] docs: gradle plugin version update
  • 35e36db [diff] Separate NAT from forwarding.
  • 2045061 [diff] Add status bar time for 5.1
  • 1a10ca7 [diff] Correct PorterDuff filters.
  • b5e00e5 [diff] docs: Documented new IABv5 sub upgrade/downgrade and manual renewal
  • d68448a [diff] Fix codestyle for switch statements.
  • bece926 [diff] Telephony: Implementation for IWLAN.
  • 2868e72 [diff] docs: build image updates
  • 43836ac [diff] docs: Add steps to enable adb debugging on Wear device
  • d3cd094 [diff] docs: New doc for creating an AfW Work Policy Controller
  • bc4f2cc [diff] Remove TrustAgent whitelisting API
  • f3d4a58 [diff] Append forwarder name to ipfwd command
  • 108ccac [diff] docs: Android for Work developer landing page
  • 69044ae [diff] docs: note to install linux packages v2 update
  • 79cb98c [diff] docs: New "implementing app restrictions" doc
  • ea2a064 [diff] Explain behavior of boundless ripple projection
  • ea4713d [diff] Changing usage of carrier name field of SubInfoRecord
  • de3260b [diff] Keyguard: Use plmn/spn broadcast when no SIMs
  • 985f52c [diff] Fix incorrect condition for sub id check.
  • 68501b8 [diff] Better error msg for StateList/Hexadecimal Color.
  • 6de010f [diff] docs: remove exploring sdk link
  • 33c1c07 [diff] Set forceFramework correctly for included layouts.
  • c03e7dd [diff] Update Google Play brand-info page. Bug: 18257984
  • ed1cf52 [diff] docs: android plugin revisions page v2
  • 7cdd667 [diff] Fixes several typos.
  • 275fab0 [diff] Doc change: Add diff report for API 22.
  • 506cba8 [diff] Doc Update: fixed unescaped angle brackets in code snippets.
  • 0f44b94 [diff] docs: mipmap link updates
  • 40f616b [diff] Do not make ActivityContainer available to apps. DO NOT MERGE
  • 4a00263 [diff] Fix change IME content description
  • f4f059d [diff] docs: studio 1.1 downloads
  • 3b8defa [diff] doc: Add Japanese version of DAC/distribute/ page.
  • 33a054d [diff] Fix accessibility focus bug in statusbar
  • 1a8ae3e [diff] Rename from VoWIFI to WIFI.
  • 9c8f21b [diff] WFC configuration: add carrier and device support configurations.
  • e385672 [diff] docs: remove reference to GCM doc from C2DM doc
  • 56375d9 [diff] docs: lint inspection updates
  • 4bdb437 [diff] docs: 9patch tool update
  • 129ea76 [diff] Fix wifi AP backup
  • 0e24cb7 [diff] Fix NPE
  • 383dacc [diff] Revert "docs: studio proxy setup"
  • 2a90fa6 [diff] Fix year picker initial range
  • a2e9e27 [diff] Update ExoPlayer developer guide.
  • ca0653a [diff] Do not make ActivityContainer available to apps. DO NOT MERGE
  • 6922370 [diff] docs: site mipmap folder updates
  • 42661cba [diff] Revert "Fixed accessibility for the pin input view on keyguard."
  • 024fd0c [diff] Disable color view animations when stable insets change
  • 38f2242 [diff] docs: studio mipmap update
  • 0726a31 [diff] docs: studio proxy setting setup
  • 9bd6de1 [diff] docs: studio revision 1-1
  • 3150bb7 [diff] docs: android plugin for gradle revisions page
  • 4b2fb0a [diff] docs: Fix issue with older devices section not expanding
  • 852e0e3 [diff] add tags for wakelock and other API names
  • d350c5c [diff] This file is misplaced, and serves no purpose. I am sending it to oblivion.
  • c860242 [diff] docs: Noted that purchaseToken is long and cannot be truncated.
  • b296e4e [diff] Check that bitmap's size does not exceed 32 bits. DO NOT MERGE
  • 19740a6 [diff] Changes made by intelliJ 14.1
  • 0dfba38 [diff] Do not paint shadow if outside of the clip area
  • d51834b [diff] Add Asset management support for fonts.
  • be8e623 [diff] docs: note to install linux packages
  • 453467a [diff] docs: studio training basics create and run project updates
  • c3e0107 [diff] docs: studio proxy setup
  • 54eb845 [diff] Fix NPE in FlashlightController

platform/frameworks/compile/slang (1) [show][hide]

platform/frameworks/native (2) [show][hide]

  • fde92eb [diff] Update maxNumber to be smaller.
  • 9b6be8e [diff] Revert "omx: add Intel's SemiPlanar OMX color format that is used on some devices"

platform/frameworks/opt/colorpicker (1) [show][hide]

platform/frameworks/opt/net/ims (18) [show][hide]

  • 44ffc5d [diff] Wi-Fi Calling default setting - Off
  • d713365 [diff] Fixing use of subId where phoneId was expected.
  • 7adffb5 [diff] Fix compilation error.
  • d43be79 [diff] Prevent merging conference calls hosted on peer device.
  • 691a1cc [diff] Fix compilation error.
  • 2539409 [diff] Prevent merging conference calls hosted on peer device.
  • 61d41c1 [diff] Remove an extraneous check in callSessionMergeFailed().
  • 6804851 [diff] Clean up logging for ImsCall to make it easier to debug bugreports.
  • 48738d5 [diff] IMS: UT ServiceClass
  • 9e6eca2 [diff] Force IMS to register over LTE when turning off WFC
  • 0c2f15c [diff] Move "IMS registration error" intent from ImsPhone to ImsManager.
  • 28c8400 [diff] WiFi Calling: Change default value for the roaming setting to OFF.
  • 1463174 [diff] IMS: IMS Registration and handover error codes support
  • 183af60 [diff] Decouple WFC from Enhanced 4G LTE in settings
  • f431112 [diff] Add interface to determine whether the IMS service is available
  • a00c919 [diff] WFC configuration: add API to get and set user settings.
  • c479f66 [diff] Cleanup of conference code including logging, flags and some workflow.
  • 165aed5 [diff] Fixing TMO Conference Call Attempt leaves Dialer App in a Zombie state.

platform/frameworks/opt/net/wifi (2) [show][hide]

  • e2614ba [diff] export API to disable autojoin scan initial implementation
  • 6cf462d [diff] send network state changed broadcast when BSSID change

platform/frameworks/opt/photoviewer (1) [show][hide]

  • 2181c0e [diff] Add @Nullable where required in ActionBarInterface

platform/frameworks/opt/telephony (34) [show][hide]

  • a0ed979 [diff] Adding values for user_edited field.
  • e8c61da [diff] Prevent merging conference calls hosted on peer device.
  • 12262a1 [diff] IMS: Always initiate emergency call on IMS
  • 7ada742 [diff] Propagate CODE_UT_SERVICE_UNAVAILABLE from IMS stack.
  • 6cc5ac4 [diff] Fix race condition which caused extra ImsPhone object to be created.
  • ce67e30 [diff] Prevent merging conference calls hosted on peer device.
  • ea27cc7 [diff] Add a new column user_edited to carriers db.
  • d20c102 [diff] Add optional error codes to CallStateException
  • 519ffa0 [diff] Use different carrier name string for data connection in WiFi Calling mode.
  • 325cdf5 [diff] Add a new column user_edited to carriers db.
  • 1d60bf2 [diff] IMS: UT serviceClass
  • 029d855 [diff] Wi-Fi Calling: Update strings
  • 7d100e1 [diff] Remove extra space in SPN
  • 936cf96 [diff] Do not output user information (phone number)
  • e51d918 [diff] When Wi-Fi calling is available display SPN as SPN+" Wi-Fi"
  • 6e501e7 [diff] Disable WFC in case of "permanent" registration failures.
  • c1e2c65 [diff] Adding hidden isVolteEnabled and isWifiCallingEnabled APIs for TelephonyManager
  • 4cdf0a4 [diff] Log last 20 CAT proactive commands.
  • 53f2bb9 [diff] Show notifications in case of some IMS Registration errors
  • 0ba5c4a [diff] IMS: Ims Registration and Handover error codes support
  • af857af [diff] Lightweight fix for incorrect locale changes - DO NOT MERGE
  • 73876a1 [diff] IMS phone instantiation: add polling on base phone creation
  • 626e120 [diff] UICC: Handle card level REFRESH RESET events.
  • 0469925 [diff] DcTracker: Cleanup connections when IccRecords is destroyed.
  • 656905e [diff] Notify subscriptionInfoChanged in setPlmnSpn even without sim.
  • 0e42864 [diff] Telephony: Implementation of IWLAN
  • 04b0216 [diff] Update internal telephony connection's wifi state.
  • e9876ff [diff] Set carrierName of subInfo to null while creating/updating subInfo.
  • 3ce96a0 [diff] Adding a new param to calculateLength for SMS to indicate if called for a segment of multipart msg.
  • 65124c8 [diff] Add Phone.isRadioOn() function
  • 62a2b2f [diff] IMS: add api to indicate the current availability of IMS call on IWLAN.
  • 64e02b0 [diff] Revert "Revert "Remove special handling for length field.""
  • dddce02 [diff] Revert "Remove special handling for length field."
  • 4084e10 [diff] Reverting change which uses spnoverride to set ONS.

platform/frameworks/support (6) [show][hide]

  • 11b8398 [diff] Update support repo version (22.0.1/13) and add javadoc
  • 2fa1702 [diff] Fix android-support-v17-leanback-docs build.
  • e4cf5a9 [diff] workaround for aar dependencies in pom.
  • f48e02e [diff] Fix support lib compilation. DO NOT MERGE.
  • 941d64e [diff] Update version of the support lib. DO NOT MERGE.
  • 96f1e91 [diff] Update Support library gradle build files. DO NOT MERGE.

platform/hardware/broadcom/libbt (2) [show][hide]

  • 2ec4126 [diff] Enable LPM_BT_WAKE_POLARITY and LPM_HOST_WAKE_POLARITY.
  • ea2f947 [diff] Add Sturgeon bluetooth config file.

platform/hardware/broadcom/wlan (1) [show][hide]

  • 4595720 [diff] net: wireless: bcmdhd Update bcm4354/56 FW(Lollipop-MR1-

platform/hardware/intel/bootstub (2) [show][hide]

  • 479e42b [diff] bootstub: only build for moorefield, merrifield [DO NOT MERGE]
  • 88c2e83 [diff] Factorize bootstub makefile

platform/hardware/intel/common/libmix (1) [show][hide]

  • 758a9e8 [diff] libmix: fix out of order decode issue on FUGU

platform/hardware/intel/common/omx-components (2) [show][hide]

  • 15f60f1 [diff] Fix defect when native buffer mode fallbacks to byte-buffer mode (raw data mode). The color format needs to be set to default as non-Intel format.
  • dd94f00 [diff] VP8 OMX component - Add flushing the decode pipeline at the beginning, and make VP8 surface height uneccessary force to 32 bit align - keep it as same as original height.

platform/hardware/intel/img/hwcomposer (3) [show][hide]

  • a584a96 [diff] moorefield_hdmi: change INTEL_HWC_MOOREFIELD to _HDMI [DO NOT MERGE]
  • 5094bbf [diff] Moving Moorefield HWComposer in dedicated directory
  • 8b0063f [diff] First hwcomposer code drop for marvin

platform/hardware/intel/img/libdrm (2) [show][hide]

platform/hardware/intel/img/psb_video (1) [show][hide]

  • cd73c9d [diff] psb-video: Change the surface type to be uncached. to fix potential CTS issue such as: android.media.cts.EncodeDecodeTest#testVP8EncodeDecodeVideoFromBufferToSurfaceQVGA

platform/hardware/invensense (1) [show][hide]

platform/hardware/qcom/display (1) [show][hide]

  • 0028b62 [diff] overlay: Call MSMFB_SECURE on alloc/free of secure rotator buffer

platform/hardware/qcom/gps (1) [show][hide]

  • 66b3250 [diff] carrier configured GPS_LOCK value missed out

platform/hardware/qcom/media (1) [show][hide]

  • 377fd19 [diff] mm-video-legacy: vdec: force uncached gralloc buffers

platform/hardware/qcom/msm8x26 (2) [show][hide]

  • b2c727c [diff] Revert "DO NOT MERGE Revert "Kernel headers for LNX.LW.2.0-00300-8x26.0""
  • 50b91f9 [diff] DO NOT MERGE Revert "Kernel headers for LNX.LW.2.0-00300-8x26.0"

platform/hardware/qcom/msm8x84 (1) [show][hide]

  • 3be8c1e [diff] msm8x84: Update MDP headers for secure buffer ioctl

platform/hardware/ril (1) [show][hide]

platform/hardware/samsung_slsi/exynos5 (1) [show][hide]

  • 4baab53 [diff] exynos: vdec: report width/height as stride/slice-height for BUFFER_COPY

platform/packages/apps/Bluetooth (1) [show][hide]

  • a1c94c6 [diff] Adding a new param to calculateLength for SMS to indicate if called for a segment of multipart msg.

platform/packages/apps/Dialer (1) [show][hide]

  • d04f11f [diff] Add ACCESS_WIFI_STATE permission to dialer.

platform/packages/apps/FMRadio (2) [show][hide]

  • e26a1c2 [diff] DO NOT MERGE - [FM] Fallback if createAudioPatch fails
  • 4f33aa3 [diff] [FM] Earphone mode incoming call ringtone issue in loudspeaker

platform/packages/apps/HTMLViewer (1) [show][hide]

platform/packages/apps/InCallUI (7) [show][hide]

  • 1838e77 [diff] Show IMS Conference StatusHints in InCall.
  • cf2da3d [diff] Don't hide end call button until call is disconnected
  • 1a3d05d [diff] Don't show SSID for Wi-Fi calls.
  • c5722b4 [diff] Finish activity before reveal if not setup.
  • 5f2de0f [diff] Correct capitaliztion of "wi-fi" to "Wi-Fi".
  • 6c5be77 [diff] Indicate wifi for incoming calls.
  • cae963f [diff] Show icon and network label when using Wifi.

platform/packages/apps/Mms (1) [show][hide]

  • cb18444 [diff] [DS] Correct the access method for telephony system property

platform/packages/apps/Settings (14) [show][hide]

  • 2d124d3 [diff] Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
  • a4314a5 [diff] Fix missing text message when WiFi Calling is Off.
  • a72c266 [diff] Remove "Wi-Fi only" option from Wi-Fi Calling settings
  • 53eec9f [diff] Fix sim notifications.
  • ee5f27d [diff] Update Wi-Fi Calling settings
  • 71a6922 [diff] Remove WFC roaming from search keywords
  • e861691 [diff] Disable Wi-Fi Calling when getting "registration error" intent.
  • 1e034fe [diff] Remove WFC Roaming setting
  • 897b492 [diff] Show alerts in case of some IMS registration errors.
  • 248b8fd [diff] Update Wi-Fi Calling mode when WFC is enabled/disabled
  • 7109932 [diff] Wi-Fi calling settings cleanup
  • 4ab3256 [diff] Add Wi-Fi Calling preference screen
  • 1bbd881 [diff] Removed extra "your" from device only subtext
  • 8f77f43 [diff] Use TelephonyManager api to get SPN of sim to display in UI.

platform/packages/apps/Stk (1) [show][hide]

  • a08cffe [diff] STK: Check that main menu exists before retrieval

platform/packages/apps/TvSettings (1) [show][hide]

  • 89a8f59 [diff] DO NOT MERGE : Add link to home screen settings

platform/packages/providers/ContactsProvider (1) [show][hide]

  • 6522ca9 [diff] Don't use queryContentProviders to avoid "transaction too large" exception

platform/packages/providers/TelephonyProvider (6) [show][hide]

  • 98ad8f3 [diff] Update db only if ContentValues obj being inserted is not empty.
  • 24223db [diff] Change to avoid parsing non-integer values to integer when repopulating db.
  • bc1edc2 [diff] Support both user and carrier edited values.
  • bec8492 [diff] Fixing the the conditions checked when searching conflicting row in db.
  • 8c8fe50 [diff] Change to add new column and unique constraint to carriers db.
  • 3f2e68a [diff] Change to add new column and unique constraint to carriers db.

platform/packages/services/Mms (2) [show][hide]

  • 77ee848 [diff] Remove airplane mode and mobile data check for MMS request execution
  • 189322a [diff] Redact MMS message URL logging

platform/packages/services/Telecomm (5) [show][hide]

platform/packages/services/Telephony (24) [show][hide]

  • 8a21e9c [diff] Fix NPE in TelephonyConnectionService.
  • 46c662b [diff] Provide config for excluding CDMA activation code.
  • 5e31872 [diff] Provide config for excluding CDMA activation code.
  • 9261e50 [diff] Add WFC StatusHints for Conferences.
  • e53c83e [diff] Prevent merging conference calls hosted on peer device.
  • bcbed44 [diff] Add handling of RADIO_NOT_AVAILABLE in TimeConsumingPreferenceActivity
  • 6eaa6db [diff] Use telecom.Connection state for WFC StatusHint.
  • f3245fd [diff] Prevent merging conference calls hosted on peer device.
  • d3d8c26 [diff] Null-protect reference to mOriginalConnection.
  • 87050c6 [diff] Handle new error code in CallStateException
  • 9b68c5d [diff] Add WFC label for incoming, update on state change.
  • ecae65a [diff] Move WFC strings to framework/base
  • 70294b5 [diff] Convert InCall WFC labeling to use StatusHints.
  • 760af40 [diff] Set the capability to speed up audio setup for IMS MT call
  • c55097a [diff] Adding hidden isVolteEnabled and isWifiCallingEnabled APIs for TelephonyManager
  • 579ef55 [diff] Move Wi-Fi Calling settings to separate screen
  • 2615414 [diff] Set CAPABILITY_WIFI on TelephonyConnection.
  • a6bc312 [diff] Add error handling for outgoing WFC calls.
  • d0fe3f6 [diff] Fix string breakage.
  • effef9c [diff] Update WFC setting summary according to WFC mode.
  • 1a7ab1a [diff] Check radio, not ServiceState, for if radio is on.
  • b97fad8 [diff] Add wifi calling setting in phone's call settings.
  • 92ecec7 [diff] WFC configuration: add GUI for Wi-Fi calling settings.
  • 2171a56 [diff] Fix Cdma conference cleanup bug.

platform/prebuilts/maven_repo/android (4) [show][hide]

  • cb11440 [diff] Prebuilts for Android Testing Library 2.0
  • ed69504 [diff] Support lib 22.0.0 in the prebuilt.
  • a679ccb [diff] Add UiAutomator to the prebuilts. DO NOT MERGE
  • 0fad308 [diff] Add the test support lib to the prebuilts.

platform/prebuilts/misc (3) [show][hide]

platform/prebuilts/sdk (3) [show][hide]

  • 80f754b [diff] Add Android SDK 22. Version 5.1.1.
  • 6961862 [diff] Remove TrustAgent whitelisting API
  • 47a787a [diff] DO NOT MERGE ANYWHERE. Update prebuilt SDK to LMY47E

platform/prebuilts/tools (8) [show][hide]

  • 8c72c47 [diff] Add NOTICE to intellij annotations
  • 0a701a4 [diff] Add intellij annotations prebuilt.
  • 5cfa1d4 [diff] added NOTICE file. DO NOT MERGE.
  • b49ac7c [diff] added gson 2.2.4 to prebuilts. DO NOT MERGE.
  • 3187db3 [diff] Add Lombok 0.2.3. DO NOT MERGE.
  • 502a441 [diff] Add EPL notice for the new version of ECJ (4.4). DO NOT MERGE.
  • 03fde8e [diff] Add prebuilts for ECJ 4.4, ASM 5.0.3 and EasyMock 3.3. DO NOT MERGE.
  • e8e9ef9 [diff] Progard 5.1. DO NOT MERGE.

platform/system/core (1) [show][hide]

  • 79f3384 [diff] fs_mgr: introduce fs_mgr_format to format wiped partitions

platform/system/netd (8) [show][hide]

  • 0af7bd7 [diff] DO NOT MERGE ANYWHERE - netd: add excludednsportrange command to netd
  • 6b6f25f [diff] Flush tethering rules on interface remove.
  • 57947f0 [diff] Add oif rules that allow UID 0 to bypass the VPN.
  • 32d7687 [diff] Separate NAT from forwarding.
  • 5ad4e98 [diff] Make the VPN rule only to originated, not forwarded, traffic.
  • 3667936 [diff] Add a dummy network that discards all packets.
  • 799625c [diff] Changes to forwarding for wifi calling.
  • 32b2e79 [diff] exit instead of returning when execv()ing clatd fails.