5.0.1_r1 (LRX22C) to 5.0.2_r1 (LRX22G)

Changes for the Nexus 7 2012, 7 2013 (WiFi/LTE), 10

This page includes changes made to the Android Open Source Project between two specific releases. It does not include any changes in any proprietary components included by Google or any hardware manufacturer. This page was generated by a re-implemented script based on scripts from Funky Android Ltd. In turn, those scripts were a modified version of this script written by JBQ.

Please do not copy or link to this content without attributing this site, Funky Android Ltd, and JBQ for the original script.

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platform/build (5) [show][hide]

platform/cts (1) [show][hide]

device/asus/grouper (4) [show][hide]

  • c331a05 [diff] grouper: update prebuilt kernel
  • c173623 [diff] grouper: emulate sdcard using 4 threads
  • bf43d83 [diff] grouper: update prebuilt kernel and power hal
  • 5de1d75 [diff] grouper: power hal: improve interactive loads

device/asus/tilapia (2) [show][hide]

  • 0f2198a [diff] tilapia: emulate sdcard using 4 threads
  • e9e2ed5 [diff] tilapia: chown and chmod core_lock_{count,period} sysfs files

device/generic/mini-emulator-armv7-a-neon (1) [show][hide]

platform/external/chromium_org (1) [show][hide]

  • d5b9196 [diff] Update volantis workaround to cover L MR0.5 (5.0.2)

platform/frameworks/base (5) [show][hide]

  • 0ac9664 [diff] Fix bad alarm delivery
  • a6e7e6b [diff] Tune delivery and batching of alarms
  • 5a995f9 [diff] Properly recognize repeating wakeup alarms
  • 4f868ed [diff] Be increasingly aggressive about fstrim if it isn't being run
  • e1eea11 [diff] Start MountService before performBootDexOpt